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Your Guide to Insuring Your Restaurant

Get in touch with reliable brokers who can offer you restaurant insurance which can cover your stock, buildings and its contents. They’ll provide you with peace of mind that if the unexpected should happen then you and your business are safe. You will be amazed at the prices of quality restaurant insurance on offer from experienced online brokers, why not request a quote today by completing an online form. You might be surprised to see how much time and money you could save.

Brokers aim to help restaurant owners get the best possible insurance at the right price. Even if you don’t own a restaurant and you’re a tenant you can easily get cover by using the services of a specialist broker. In line with other businesses, brokers recommend restaurant liability insurance as an absolute must, this includes Employer’s Liability insurance too which is a legal requirement. Product Liability insurance, although not mandatory, can also be included which protects you and your business from any claims involving customers who may have an accident on your premises which they deem to be your fault.

No restaurant insurance is complete without additional cover, for instance:-

  • Business interruption

restaurant insurance quoteThis will protect you from loss of earnings if you are denied access to your business premises for any reason for example, after a fire, a flood or damage caused by vandals and thieves. Why not opt for goods in transit insurance too to protect your stock especially over peak periods such as Christmas and Easter. You may also wish to purchase loss of alcohol insurance too, which is another option many restaurant owners choose to buy for additional protection.

Brokers are well aware that restaurants are more than buildings and contents, there are deliveries to deal with, suppliers, menus, not to mention customers. With this in mind it makes sense to purchase fully comprehensive restaurant insurance so if things do go wrong you know you will be covered, helping to avoid stress and expense to put things right. Brokers can offer a wide choice of cover to ensure that additional aspects of your restaurant business are fully insured such as:-

  • Business interruption
  • Goods in transit
  • Theft of money relating to the business
  • Loss of licence cover
  • Separate legal expenses
  • Seasonal increase and stock sum insured
  • Employer’s Liability insurance

Call today to get help and advice regarding restaurant insurance, insurance brokers can let you know about refrigerated stock cover. This is an area that some restaurant owners tend to overlook, however imagine how costly it would be if your refrigerators broke down and your food supply was ruined. With cover in place you would have one less thing to worry about should this scenario happen. Brokers can provide a comparison quotation service for restaurant insurance by getting in touch with their UK insurance partners to make sure their clients receive policies that match their needs and are competitively priced. Don’t delay, make a call today!

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