Most businesses require something a little different when it comes to insurance and cafes are no exception. It doesn’t matter whether you have a café

that provides hot meals, snacks,soft drinks or other beverages it still requires café insurance. Get in touch with reliable online brokers who can discuss and understand your insurance options. In most cafes there’s a kitchen area where food is prepared and a separate area for customer dining both of which can be hazardous for staff as well as customers if the necessary safety precautions are not in place. From cooking utensils, ovens and hobs used by employees to dining facilities where food and drink could be spilt, unfortunately accidents can and do occur.

If a member of kitchen staff is accidentally scalded or a customer slips and falls in your café premises you may be liable for prosecution if you were deemed to be at fault. Be in no doubt no-win no-fee solicitors are more than eager to help clients pursue a compensation claim from any business owner who may be held responsible for an accident or injury on their premises.

Brokers recommend:-

  • Public Liability insurance
  • Employer’s Liability insurance

The above provides the necessary protection should a customer or an employee lodge a claim against you. When it comes to café insurance it does pay to shop around especially with reputable online brokers whose policies and prices are hard to beat. Why not request a free no-obligation online quote today by completing an application form for café insurance. Once you have submitted your details, brokers will compare prices using their database of leading UK insurers and then offer an affordable policy quote without compromising on the quality.

If you don’t have the time today to contact a broker then arrange a call back that is more suitable when an experienced member of staff can talk you through the various options regarding café insurance. Let’s face it no café owner would want to lose vital income or reputation because of an act of negligence on their part if they were not insured. All the dedicated years of hard work could be lost in an instant if cafe insurance was overlooked or put on the back burner. Insure your café against all eventualities with the help of reliable brokers who can provide invaluable advice, insurance policies and prices whatever type of café you own.

Buying café insurance from specialists will be money well spent allowing you to relax in the knowledge that you are completely covered should an accident or injury occur in your cafe. It pays to stay in touch with a recommended insurance broker, they will keep you up to date regarding café insurance and additional policy options such as:-

  • Loss of stock in transit
  • Glass breakage
  • Business interruption
  • Refrigeration breakdown cover
  • Cover for fixtures and fittings

Take time out from your busy working schedule to request an online quote, it’s quick and easy to do, only taking a matter of minutes.

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