Many people enjoy going to cocktail bars to sample unusual drinks and love the atmosphere these types of bars have. Owners or managers have a great responsibility to their clients to make sure they are in a safe and healthy environment so buying cocktail bar insurance must be a number one priority. Insurance to cover cocktail bars is vital to protect not only the building, the contents, the staff, but customers too. If someone was to sustain an injury through say:-

  • Tripping on uneven flooring
  • Falling off broken furniture
  • Slipping on wet surfaces

the owner could be held responsible and a claim made against him or her.

Think about the consequences of being under-insured and a customer claim being successful, no doubt you would be financially out of pocket as well as losing your business credibility. Running a cocktail bar can take up a lot of time so why not let reputable online brokers search their database of reliable UK insurers to arrange cocktail bar insurance for you. Many business people now turn to brokers for their insurance to reap the benefits and quality cover which can include:-

  • Employer’s and Public Liability
  • Contents
  • Business interruption
  • Protection for assets, earnings and legal liabilities of a licenced cocktail bar
  • Cost effective quotes
  • Professional service from experienced staff

There are numerous optional extras that can be added to your cocktail bar insurance, ask a team member for more information who will be able to find a suitable policy at a low price. Brokers provide an easy to use online quote form which once completed, they can offer a range of quotes meaning you don’t have to spend all day ringing around insurance companies and having to repeat the same information over and over.

There are many aspects that make up cocktail bar insurance, for instance Public Liability. This is very important for any business, if someone suffers an injury on your premises they may be entitled to pursue public liability insurance claims which often have high settlements so ensure you have Public Liability Insurance in place. Employer’s Liability is legally required if you do have staff working for you, if they receive an injury or become ill during their employment for you they too can make a claim, therefore don’t overlook this necessary insurance product.

Buildings insurance will provide cover for the actual cocktail bar premises whatever type of materials it is constructed from. Contents insurance can cover stock and obviously the contents of your cocktail bar, this covers theft of stock, fire, along with damage to fixtures and fittings. When arranging cocktail bar insurance with brokers expect a fast and efficient service as well as instant cover, personnel can help and advise you online or over the phone concerning cocktail bar insurance, you will be offered a free no-obligation quotation as well as a variety of payment methods when buying insurance from a brokerage company. Brokers offer the best insurance money can buy including an easy online renewal process.

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