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Nobody likes to think about the risks that face their business.  Fire, flood, theft are all things that can devastate a restaurant or cafe but we all hope that it never happens to us.  That’s why getting the right restaurant insurance helps you have the peace of mind that you’re protected should the worst happen.

And, fires in restaurants and wine bars do happen.  Only recently, an Italian restaurant in the town of Chorley was gutted by fire, highlighting the importance of getting the right restaurant insurance.  Keep reading to learn more.

Huge fire destroys Italian restaurant

The important of having adequate insurance cover for your cafe or bistro was highlighted recently by a serious fire at a business in the Lancashire town of Chorley.  The Chorley Guardian reports that ‘six fire crews were called to Cleveland Street, Chorley…after reports the Amalfi Italian restaurant was on fire.’

Two town centre streets were closed off after what police called a ‘very large fire’.  As well as destroying the restaurant, the fire also caused damage to the neighbouring Cash Converters shop.

A spokesman for the fire service said a cause has yet to be established but it was likely parts of the building would eventually be demolished.

While the right restaurant insurance can’t help prevent a fire, it can ensure that your business survives.  Keep reading to find out how.

Restaurant insurance gives you peace of mind

A fire at your restaurant could spell the end of your business.  As well as the damage caused to fixtures, fittings and the building itself you could lose your stock and your takings.  And, your premises could be closed for weeks or months while the fire damage is cleared and the interior is rebuilt.

Good quality cafe or restaurant insurance ensures you are protected against fire.  It provides cover against the cost of repairing or replacing your furniture, stock and fittings in the event of a blaze.

You can also choose to include ‘business interruption’ insurance.  This protects you against loss of earnings if you are unable to open your bistro, restaurant or cafe due to a fire.  It ensures you retain an income if you have to close your business for a period.

Do you have adequate protection against fire? Get a restaurant insurance quote today and benefit from the peace of mind that your business is properly covered.

restaurant insurance

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