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So, your cafe or restaurant business is protected against fire or flood.  You also have your contents covered against damage or theft.  And, you have the right public and employer’s liability insurance.  But what about protecting your business against legal claims?

While you think it may not happen to you, the truth is that sometimes you may need legal advice or protection.  A customer may hurt themselves on your premises.  Or, someone may become ill because of something they ate at your cafe or restaurant.  The recent case of a licensed bar and grill in Canada shows just how important it is to make sure you have the right protection.  Keep reading to find out why.

Restaurant brawl leads to five charges

A brawl at a bar/restaurant in the Canadian town of Gananoque on Christmas Eve last year has resulted in five legal charges.  A fight at the Riverside Bar and Grill at closing time involved more than 50 people and left two men, including a police officer, injured.

Police Chief Kai Liu called the event ‘preventable’ and added that the bar appeared to be overcrowded and inadequately staffed.  The police were called in to assist with the crowd and one man suffered a suspected broken ankle.  A police officer also suffered a neck injury after being knocked to the ground.

The Kingston Whig Standard reports that five charges have now been brought against the establishment as the result of the brawl with the establishment’s owner expected to appear before courts in May.

What would you do in this situation?  Would you be able to afford legal representation to defend yourself in this case?  And would your insurance cover you?  If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, read on to find out why it’s vital that you get the right legal protection for your cocktail bar, public house, wine bar or restaurant.

Get the right legal protection cover on your restaurant, wine bar or public house insurance

Good quality restaurant insurance, wine bar and public house insurance will include legal protection cover.  This is designed to help you meet legal costs that you may incur if, for example, you have to defend yourself in court.  You’ll also often find that including legal protection gives you access to a legal helpline that you can use if you have any queries.

‘Loss of licence’ cover is also available which ensures you are protected if your licence is withdrawn.  This may have been particularly useful in the example above as the bar/grill’s alcohol licence is currently suspended.

Make sure you can afford proper legal representation.  Get a restaurant insurance quote today.

restaurant insurance

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