Brokers realise that running a sandwich bar is extremely hard work, however buying sandwich bar insurance doesn’t have to be. Insurance specialists can offer cover in a matter of minutes along with being able to compare sandwich bar insurance quickly and efficiently for the benefit of their clients. Purchasing this type of insurance online is easy to do through brokers who provide:-

  • Value for money policies without sacrificing the level of cover
  • A first-class service – everything can be arranged online with experienced staff
  • A variety of insurance products to ensure you make the right choice
  • Trust – brokers only offer insurance quotes from trusted UK insurance companies

Brokers will cater for your business with sandwich bar insurance that suits your particular sandwich shop. Included in the policy is generally Public Liability insurance, Employer’s Liability insurance for full and part-time staff as well as business premises cover. As a sandwich bar owner you are ultimately responsible for the welfare of customers who enter your premises therefore Public Liability insurance is needed in case an injury to a third party or damage to their property should occur while in your sandwich bar.

This ensures that your business won’t lose out financially if an accident does happen because you can claim on your insurance policy. Employer’s Liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK for any business that has one or more employees. If a member of staff was to be injured at your sandwich bar or became ill as a result of working for you, they may be entitled to claim compensation, so it’s imperative and mandatory to buy Employer’s Liability insurance immediately. Having a sandwich bar obviously means that you and your staff will work with fresh food so buy product liability insurance to protect you against claims for incidents such as food poisoning.

Another type of cover brokers can organise is business interruption insurance, ideal for sandwich bars. If you are forced to temporarily stop trading due to damage to your premises or equipment this type of insurance can provide cover so you don’t lose any income. It’s cheap to buy online from brokers and is worth the small cost involved. Every business should have buildings insurance, imagine the damage that would occur if your sandwich bar was hit by fire or flooding, not only would you have to close to make major repairs, without building insurance you could become financially bankrupt, so don’t overlook it.

As you would expect from well-established online brokers they can also provide the following:-

  • Fixtures and fittings cover
  • Stock cover for sandwich shops
  • Loss of money cover
  • Goods in transit cover

Let brokers compare sandwich bar insurance, you may be surprised at just how much money they can save you with their cover levels. If you choose to buy fully comprehensive sandwich bar insurance all cover will be included in one policy which makes it easier for you as well as for brokers if you need to make a claim.

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