Studios may come in all shapes and sizes, and serve a whole host of business purposes. Thankfully, however, when it comes to the essential principles of business insurance, your studio cover is likely to be based on a few fundamental areas of concern:

Your premises

  • perhaps your greatest concern – and your biggest single investment – of course, is the studio itself;
  • in the event of a major disaster, such as a fire, without studio insurance cover, you may also be without any kind of business;
  • the insurance, therefore, helps to ensure that if such a catastrophe does occur, then there is sufficient wherewithal to rebuild or replace the studio at the heart of your business;

Your staff

  • if you own or run a studio, the chances are that you also employ one or more staff to keep the show on the road;
  • if that is the case, then you are almost certainly required by law to maintain adequate employers liability insurance;
  • this helps to ensure that you and your business have sufficient funds to meet any claims for liability from staff who suffer injury, contract an illness or suffer loss or damage to their property whilst engaged in their work for you;

Your customers (and members of the public)

  • liability claims for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property might be made not only by your staff, but also by customers using your studio – or for that matter, members of the passing general public;
  • although there is no legal requirement for you to carry public liability insurance to indemnify you against such claims, you might nevertheless consider it prudent to safeguard against legal actions which may result in damages amounting to thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of pounds against you and your studio;
  • for this reason, insurance packages specifically designed to help safeguard the interests of those who run studios typically provide public liability insurance of £1 million or more;

Your business income

  • in the unfortunate event of one of the insured risks occurring, you may find that it is no longer possible to open up your studio for business;
  • no studio, of course, is likely to mean no income either;
  • some insurance packages for studios, therefore, may offer compensation for such loss of business income (typically up to prescribed maximum limits), until you are able to get the studio up and running once again.

In sum

Purpose designed insurance to cover businesses centred on a studio, therefore, might cover a range of potential risks, but the core areas of concern are likely to be the integrity of the studio itself, your employees, customers and members of the public and, in some cases, the potential for loss of business income. Try getting a quote from a site such as

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